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I was nervous to purchase a motion rig in this price range (QS-210) from just anyone so contacted Qubic and they pointed me Steve's way. Very glad they did. Purchasing and shipping was silky smooth, and the support after purchase was and still is stellar. Very happy with my purchase and would shop with Simstix again.

QS-220 4 Actuator Set with Mounting Brackets

Not only did the product themselves arrived across the ocean in perfect condition, the buying experience from SimStix is absolutely one of the best I have had for buying anything. From the speed of reply, to going out of their way to get the dedicated custom clearance just to ship it to where I live on the other side of the globe, if SimStix has it, you bet they will do the absolute best they can to make you satisfied. 10/10.

Amazing customer support on QS-S25

Purchased a QS-S25 from Simstix and couldn't be happier. Steve does an incredible job with customer service. I had a million questions during assembly and Steve was able to answer everything promptly.
I highly recommend Simstix as a reseller of this great product.

excellent experience with Qubic QS 220 /Simstix

My purchase experience with Simstix was excellent. They were available and very patient with all the questions I had.
They organized a demo session for me to test the system and downloaded all the software I requested for the test.
They even went as far as working with Qubic in order to implement features and effects that didnt exist even BEFORE I bought the system. That is truly exceptional customer service.
The system got to me two days after the money was transferred. And the support has been great.
I think those actuators and more importantly, the software and support are superb. I already found what I was looking for. I e. More detailed and precise effects with a lot of fine-tuning and adjustability when compared to my SFX system with SRS software. What I like about Qubic is that I get a more homogenous motion across all sims. At the moment, Rf2 and LMU are the profiles I prefer but I know I can get there with AC and Iracing as well. The problem I had with SRS was that I could only get RF2 to be excellent. Everything else was significantly worse than with Qubic 220. Qubic actuators are quieter as well. And VR motion compensation is superb and easy to use. You would imagine I could be subject to purchase validation bias after spending this kind of money but I'm not. It's an excellent product. This is why I'll also be considering replacing my PT belt with the Qubic.
I strongly recommend the product and Simstix as reseller.

From Enthusiasts - for Enthusiasts

Working with Steve was a joy as he is one of us, a Sim Fanatic. He will be my go-to guy for Qubic related products from here on out.


Stellar customer service

Bought a Qubic system (still waiting on other vendors, so haven't run it yet), and the Simstix communication was excellent by any standards. FedEx delivered to the wrong address, and I was having no luck getting them to respond locally, but within hours of hearing about the problem, Steve had bird-dogged the situation and the shipment got retrieved and delivered in less than 24 hours. Very impressive.

Simstix Exceeds Expectations

I had an outstanding experience with Simstix, largely due to Steve's incredible customer service. He responded promptly to my inquiries, a welcome change from the typical long wait times I've experienced elsewhere. His readiness to assist and the immediate availability of products for shipping were impressive.

Upon receiving my qubic system, Steve's commitment to customer satisfaction shone through. He followed up with an email to ensure everything was in order, a gesture that demonstrated his dedication to post-purchase care.

Overall, Steve's attentive service greatly enhanced my experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Simstix to anyone in need of efficient and customer-focused service.

Look No Further for Sim Gear

I shopped extensively for my QS-210s and Steve at Simstix offered, by far, the lowest total price delivered to my house. Not only that, but his customer service was exemplary as he opened up all the shipping boxes to ensure everything was present and accounted for and even included missing fasteners free of charge. I will certainly shop at Simstix again.

Incredible Support

Purchased a QS-S25 simulator. Still in the process of building it out, but the support so far has been above and beyond. Very responsive technical support. Will update this review when it's fully assembled and functional.