Expore what makes Qubic system the ultimate simulation experience

The Qubic System Ecosystem

Modularity and Customization

Understanding that each user's requirements can be unique, Qubic System actuators and motion cockpits are modular and highly customizable. Choose from a range of setups tailored for helicopter pilots, airplane pilots, or car enthusiasts. Each setup is designed to mirror the actual vehicle's specific controls, movements, and challenges to provide a personalized and focused training environment.

Superior Build Quality

Qubic System's Motion Platforms and Cockpits are built with precision and robustness in mind. They are designed to endure extended hours of high-performance simulation, ensuring you can train or play without any compromise in the experience over time.

Uncompromised Realism

Our simulators are designed to replicate exact motion cues in real-time, leveraging the ability to add up to 6 DOF. This feature allows for movement in six directions: up-down, left-right, forward-backward, pitch, roll, and yaw. As a result, whether you're practicing tricky landings or testing your mettle against high-speed cornering, the experience you get is as close to reality as possible.

Wide-Ranging Applications

From professional pilot training and driving instruction to gaming and virtual reality experiences, Qubic System can serve a broad spectrum of needs. It is trusted by training institutions, professional racers, pilots, and simulation enthusiasts worldwide for it's remarkable fidelity and durability.

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