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Qubic System

QS-210 Linear Actuator 60mm Stroke

QS-210 Linear Actuator 60mm Stroke

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Simstix Power Cabinet Mounting Brackets included with purchase.

The QS-210 is designed as a more compact iteration of the Qubic System QS-220 industrial-grade linear actuators, compatible with various Qubic System motion platforms including QS-CH1 or QS-CH2.

The motion system shares the same features as the linear actuators utilized in Qubic System motion cockpits, particularly the attributes of low latency time and real-time vibrations. Tailored for dedicated sim racers and drivers, the QS-210 motion system features additional bracket sets that enable racers to install actuators in the most popular cockpits available on the market.

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QS-210 User Manual

QS-L1 Linear Actuators by Qubic System Performance Line:
Innovation meets reality.


With patent-pending technology, our QS-L1 linear actuators are at the forefront of creating immersive simulation experiences. These actuators harness the precision of simulation telemetry to deliver unparalleled realism.


Motor Drivers by Motion Systems:
Expertly engineered to do one thing and do it well - control motors in vehicle simulator applications. The result? Unmatched performance.


Integrated Power Cabinet (QS-SB2):

  • Role: A powerhouse for distributing energy and facilitating communication.
  • Telemetry Signal Processing: Seamlessly handles motion commands, processing telemetry signals with efficiency.
  • Immediate Dispatch: The system promptly dispatches commands to drivers, ensuring actuation happens in real-time.

Control Module Capabilities:
Sets the motion and vibration cues for each individual actuator, fine-tuning the simulation experience.

Power Flexibility:
Versatile power compatibility. Works seamlessly with both 115V and 230V networks, eliminating the need for adapters or converters.


QubicManager by Motion Systems:
The interface between advanced hardware and immersive gaming.


Even the most advanced hardware needs effective software. QubicManager is a specialized software tailored for the platform, "click and play" compatible with major racing and flight PC titles. Regularly updated, it offers motion adjustments, extensive diagnostics, and a library of predefined profiles. Simple yet powerful, adjust motion intensity, bumps, roll, pitch, and more at the click of a button. Plus, the software license is free-of-charge.


Key Features:

  1. Motion Cueing: World-class algorithms and "washout filters" bridge the gap between simulation and reality.
  2. Integrated Gaming: Supports popular racing, flight games, and professional simulation applications.
  3. VR Headway Technology: Advanced formulas ensure immersive VR experiences and combat VR sickness.
  4. Motor Control: Specialized for simulation with rapid signal preprocessing and actuator-specific vibration capabilities.
  5. Motion Sickness Compensation: Real-time telemetry data from the game's engine enhances user experience.
  6. Tactile Audio Feedback: Utilize tactile transducers for added cockpit effects.
  7. Full Control: Motion Systems can modify the control algorithm and introduce new features swiftly.
  8. Developer Tools: Motion SDK available for enhanced software integration.
  9. And many more enhancements in the pipeline!
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