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Qubic System

QS-220 Linear Actuator 100mm Stroke

QS-220 Linear Actuator 100mm Stroke

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Simstix Power Cabinet Mounting Brackets now included with purchase.

Linear actuator technology by Motion Systems allows the development of highly realistic applications with detailed motion textures, velocity, suspension interaction feedback, engine vibrations, tactile feedback, haptic system and vehicle dynamics.

Innovative technology, modular and compact design, as well as the quiet operation, makes the QS-220 a perfect motion base not only for professional application, but also for home users in various types of cockpits. Additional sets of QS-220 can be configured as a 4 and 6 actuated system to provide 3 / 4 / 6 DOF using dedicated cockpits from the Qubic System product line.

By using dedicated software QubicManager the driver or pilot can feel the most realistic simulation that immediately responds to onscreen situations to deliver real life experience in gaming or VR applications. QubicManager contains world-class motion cueing algorithms with integrated "washout filters" to reflect the situation from virtual environment, closing the gap between simulation and reality.

Motion Systems is a global leading motion platforms manufacturer for professionals and the most demanding home users. For over 10 year the company has been designing and providing bespoke motion solutions for industry and cutting edge technology for racing and flight simulation.

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QS-220 User Manual

QS-L1 Linear Actuators by Qubic System Performance Line:
Innovation meets reality.


With patent-pending technology, our QS-L1 linear actuators are at the forefront of creating immersive simulation experiences. These actuators harness the precision of simulation telemetry to deliver unparalleled realism.


Motor Drivers by Motion Systems:
Expertly engineered to do one thing and do it well - control motors in vehicle simulator applications. The result? Unmatched performance.


Integrated Power Cabinet (QS-SB2):

  • Role: A powerhouse for distributing energy and facilitating communication.
  • Telemetry Signal Processing: Seamlessly handles motion commands, processing telemetry signals with efficiency.
  • Immediate Dispatch: The system promptly dispatches commands to drivers, ensuring actuation happens in real-time.

Control Module Capabilities:
Sets the motion and vibration cues for each individual actuator, fine-tuning the simulation experience.

Power Flexibility:
Versatile power compatibility. Works seamlessly with both 115V and 230V networks, eliminating the need for adapters or converters.


QubicManager by Motion Systems:
The interface between advanced hardware and immersive gaming.


Even the most advanced hardware needs effective software. QubicManager is a specialized software tailored for the platform, "click and play" compatible with major racing and flight PC titles. Regularly updated, it offers motion adjustments, extensive diagnostics, and a library of predefined profiles. Simple yet powerful, adjust motion intensity, bumps, roll, pitch, and more at the click of a button. Plus, the software license is free-of-charge.


Key Features:

  1. Motion Cueing: World-class algorithms and "washout filters" bridge the gap between simulation and reality.
  2. Integrated Gaming: Supports popular racing, flight games, and professional simulation applications.
  3. VR Headway Technology: Advanced formulas ensure immersive VR experiences and combat VR sickness.
  4. Motor Control: Specialized for simulation with rapid signal preprocessing and actuator-specific vibration capabilities.
  5. Motion Sickness Compensation: Real-time telemetry data from the game's engine enhances user experience.
  6. Tactile Audio Feedback: Utilize tactile transducers for added cockpit effects.
  7. Full Control: Motion Systems can modify the control algorithm and introduce new features swiftly.
  8. Developer Tools: Motion SDK available for enhanced software integration.
  9. And many more enhancements in the pipeline!
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