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Qubic System

QS-CH2 2 DOF Motion Platform

QS-CH2 2 DOF Motion Platform

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The QS-CH2 provides the most precise traction loss feeling by moving the entire cockpit. The motion system is based on the world’s fastest linear actuator technology, which delivers an incredible level of instant feedback to the driver.

This motion platform is suitable for Rally, Drift and any racing simulations. By providing the oversteering effect, the platform can be used effectively for real and sim racing driver's training making them feel what happens to the front and the rear of the vehicle.

  • General Specifications
  • Hardware
  • Software

QS-CH2 Product Card


QS-CH2 User Manual

The QS-CH2 is transported in a specially adapted transport box.

Box with QS-CH2 included:

  • QS-CH2 Motion Platform
  • QubicManager software download
  • USB and power cables
  • Nuts and Bolts required for assembly
  • Set of wheels for transport
  • Product Manual
  • Notice: Requires separate purchase of QS-MC6 (motion platform controller)


QubicManager by Motion Systems:
The interface between advanced hardware and immersive gaming.


Even the most advanced hardware needs effective software. QubicManager is a specialized software tailored for the platform, "click and play" compatible with major racing and flight PC titles. Regularly updated, it offers motion adjustments, extensive diagnostics, and a library of predefined profiles. Simple yet powerful, adjust motion intensity, bumps, roll, pitch, and more at the click of a button. Plus, the software license is free-of-charge.


Key Features:

  1. Motion Cueing: World-class algorithms and "washout filters" bridge the gap between simulation and reality.
  2. Integrated Gaming: Supports popular racing, flight games, and professional simulation applications.
  3. VR Headway Technology: Advanced formulas ensure immersive VR experiences and combat VR sickness.
  4. Motor Control: Specialized for simulation with rapid signal preprocessing and actuator-specific vibration capabilities.
  5. Motion Sickness Compensation: Real-time telemetry data from the game's engine enhances user experience.
  6. Tactile Audio Feedback: Utilize tactile transducers for added cockpit effects.
  7. Full Control: Motion Systems can modify the control algorithm and introduce new features swiftly.
  8. Developer Tools: Motion SDK available for enhanced software integration.
  9. And many more enhancements in the pipeline!
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