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Qubic System

QS-S25 6 DOF Motion Cockpit Platform

QS-S25 6 DOF Motion Cockpit Platform

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The QS-S25 was designed for drivers looking for the most realistic simulation. The unique combination of high-performance linear actuators developed by Motion Systems and modern, adjustable accessories, allows users to train and experience real racing and flight simulation.

The QS-S25 is an advanced motion cockpit, designed for the most demanding racers who are looking for a professional simulation experience at high top level. The motion system based on patent pending linear actuator technology allows a much stronger sensation range such as understeer, oversteer, loss of grip or overloading during braking. Thus, clearly blurring the difference between reality and virtual environment. Due to the combination of dedicated accessories and the QubicManager software, the 6 DOF motion platform provides drivers an extreme experience of a real race or the ultimate flight.

Innovative technology, modular and compact design, as well as the noiseless operation makes the QS-S25 a perfect motion base not only for any professional application but also for the home users. By using dedicated software QubicManager the driver or pilot can feel the most realistic simulation that immediately responds to onscreen situations to deliver real life experience in gaming or VR applications. QubicManager contains world-class motion cueing algorithms with integrated "washout filters" to reflect the situation from a virtual environment, closing the gap between simulation and reality.

  • Key Features
  • General Specifications
  • Compatible Accessories

• 6 DOF motion system delivering sway, surge, heave, roll, pitch and yaw.

• Incredible oversteering and understeering feedback sensation.

• Patent pending linear actuator technology guarantee very quiet and precise operation.

• World-class advanced motion cueing algorithms with integrated "washout filters" to reflect the situation from a virtual environment, closing the gap between simulation and reality.

• Effective motions and vibrations that perfectly reflect the situations in the selected game or simulation application.

• Comfortable and ergonomic position for the driver / pilot.

• Full support of the proprietary Qubic Manager software - totally free access, no fees at any participation period.

• Compact design and small footprint fits medium size gaming rooms, VR centers, training facilities or even home locations.

• More responsive and fast-moving way to push telemetry data from simulation to the hardware.

• VR HeadWay technology support (motion compensation).

• Proudly made in EU: Engineered, Designed and Manufactured in Poland.

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QS-S25 User Manual

• QS-S25 cockpit set:

    ◦ - Upper Frame Floor With Attaching Points

    ◦ - Set Of Rods - Both Sides

    ◦ - Step

    ◦ - Set of eye nuts for seat belts

    ◦ - Mounting Bracket: Steering Wheel (two types)

    ◦ - Mounting Bracket: Pedals

    ◦ - Mounting Bracket: Racing Seat

    ◦ - Mounting Bracket: Desk With Attaching Points

    ◦ - Mounting Bracket: VR Headset Headphones

    ◦ - Mounting Bracket: Keyboard

    ◦ - Mounting Bracket: Speakers

    ◦ - Racing Seat Adjustment

• Mounting Bracket: 3x monitor (32'', centrally located VESA 100x100)

• Racing Seat

• 4 Point Safety Seat Belt

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